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Cyclecamp blogpost 028
What’s happening with cyclecamp in 2019?
Happy New Year to all our website users! This is an update about our plans for the coming year, 2019.

First of all, you’ll have noticed quite a few broken links and things not working at the moment. That’s because the site is being rebuilt and going fully responsive. We’re redesigning and replacing all the pages on the site. But this means that when completed it will be fully functional on your smart phone. And so you will be able to use cyclecamp much more easily while out on tour.

We’ve also had to re-do all our maps due to changes in the way Google licenses its mapping. So this is all work in hand but should be tidied up over the next couple of months ready for the cycle camping season. All our blog posts are also slowly being reloaded to the site.

We are also working on the cyclecamp network. This year we hope to finish the south of England and possibly start on the North East region. We’re currently researching and updating the network in Hampshire with new sites, we’ve filled some gaps and noted the closure of a campsite or two. These are waiting to be uploaded.

More than ever there’s a need for people to leave the car at home and travel more lightly upon the Earth. And there’s lots of people eager for the sort of adventure that you can only have on a bike!

So hang on in there and hopefully 2019 will be the year that cyclecamp becomes a really useful addition to the cycle camping experience!

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