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A big welcome to our campsite owners

This is a special page for campsite owners and contains things you need to know about becoming part of the cyclecamp network.

Cyclecamp aims to bring together existing campsites into a network to help cyclists find the right campsite for the night. Most cycle campers say that they want quiet sites with basic facilities, preferably away from cars. While there are campsites like this, the question is where to find them and whether other campsites can make their sites more cycle-camper friendly.

So cyclecamp looks for small, quiet, friendly campsites with the sort of facilities that cycle campers need, like a car free area and a shower. You don’t have to provide all these facilities but you should be working towards them.

Cyclecamp itself selects all the campsites for the cyclecamp network and only a small number of campsites make the grade. Many are either too big or don’t have the basic facilities needed. However, we occasionally select larger campsites where these fill a gap in the network.

We don’t charge campsites for inclusion in the cyclecamp network but we do ask for a donation (here) which is always really appreciated. £25.00 is the going rate for a small campsite and a bit more for a big one! Many campsites share cyclecamp’s green philosophy of protecting the environment and ethical travel and are very keen to support us. But we do hopefully offer some benefits to campsites too such as encouraging visitors to their sites all of whom come without cars!

If you would like more information about becoming part of the cyclecamp network, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Here’s an idea of what we are looking for:

  • Small, quiet campsites without noisy facilities such as bars, swimming pools and entertainment.
  • A toilet and shower: these can be very basic (such as a compost toilet) but are required as a minimum - cycle campers cannot bring their facilities with them!
  • Preferably an area set aside for cycle campers so that they don’t have to look out on cars or breathe in exhaust fumes.
  • A separate rate for cycle campers: most cycle campers feel it is unfair if they have to pay the same rate for their small tent and bike as someone who has a car, a large tent, lots of equipment and several family members!
  • Somewhere to keep their bike overnight: this can be a simple shed but security is very important.
  • Hopefully a guarantee that they will not be turned away if arriving late – they cannot drive 20 miles to the next site!
  • Some campsites also set up a simple shelter for cooking.

More than anything else, cycle campers look for a real welcome despite not being like most other campers. For example, it’s always really appreciated if there is a separate cycle camper rate and that their contribution to the environment is acknowledged and welcomed

The most difficult requirement probably is for a shower facility. Many of the best smaller, certificated sites don’t have this as their visitors often arrive in motor homes with their own facilities. To install a shower will mean thinking about the plumbing and work involved. Some campsites though have managed to incorporate this easily into an outbuilding or even part of their main house. It doesn’t have to be a luxury shower room - a simple warm shower will do the trick and make all the difference to a camper who has been cycling all day!

All cyclecamp campsites have toilet facilities, even if this is just a compost toilet. Let us know if you have any thoughts about these facilities or ways in which you have found to provide them easily and cheaply.

Cycle campers in return are a good bunch of people. Having spent the day cycling, they usually only want to cook some food and get their head down for a good night’s sleep! This means that they are far less likely to make too much noise or cause problems to other campers and they are more likely to respect the ethos of camping. It looks like it’s a great arrangement for both sides!

The best thing about cyclecamp for campsite owners is that cyclists will be looking for the “next one in the chain” for their next day’s cycling, knowing it is probably going to be the sort of campsite they like. That makes investing time and effort into making their campsite work for cyclists very worthwhile indeed.

In the meantime, below is the full list of cycle camping friendly facilities that we look for when assessing a campsite for the network (you will see these listed under each campsite entry and also in the key to the symbols).

Very few campsites have all these facilities in place at the moment but many are now completing at least two or three of them. None requires major investment and most can be put into place right away:

    Toilet (flush or composting toilet). All cyclecamp campsites have a toilet.
    Hot shower (free or coin operated). Almost all cyclecamp sites have this.
    Open all year. Not vital but it would be good to know
    Basic food supplies on site or within one mile. Not always needed but useful.
    Car free area for cycle camping.Very important and most campsites should be able to achieve this.
    Cycle shed or covered storage for cycles. This could be a simple locked wooden shed close by.
    Rain shelter or covered cooking and eating area. A touch of luxury in wet weather!
    Discount for cycle campers. At least a separate rate - cycle campers use less space!
    Overnight battery and mobile phone charging. Many sites offer this informally but better if offered.
    No need to book in advance. This really means not being turned away on a wet, dark night!
    Clothes washing facilities. Really useful for cyclists who carry few spares.
    Recycling facilities. An absolute must for cyclists who care about the environment and who cannot carry their recycling away.


We do accept advertising on the cyclecamp website from all campsites, not just those in the cyclecamp network, and from other holiday companies as well in order to provide a variety of options to our users. You can find out more here.


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