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Like lots of websites, we rely on advertising to cover the cost of publishing the site. It is helpful to cyclecamp (and other good websites) if you don’t use an ad blocker but of course you are welcome to continue using the site even if you do – we completely respect your views on this.


Cookies are small pieces of computer code that allow your PC or smart phone to interact with a feature of the website.

Generally cookies are not harmful to your computer and most expire after a period of time. You can also disable cookies in your browser. However if you do this, some of the features of the cyclecamp website may not function properly.

Some of the information that you send to cyclecamp (such as when you use the contact form) is hosted by other companies. Information stored by them is subject to the same or greater levels of privacy and security as the cyclecamp website.

If you have any concern about privacy or security please do not hesitate to contact us.

Google Adsense and affiliate programmes

Please note that third party advertisers served by Google Adsense may be placing and reading cookies on your browser or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on the cyclecamp website.

Cyclecamp adheres strictly to the terms and conditions laid down by Google and affiliate advertisers, all of whom are nationally known companies. Cyclecamp has been accepted and approved on Google Adsense and affiliate programmes since 2012. You can find out more about how Google uses data here:

Contact details

We will store your email address if you provide it on the contact form only for the purposes of being able to reply to your message. We will not use it for contacting you about any other matter unless you expressly request us to do so. We will never pass on, sell or in other ways provide your personal details or email address to any other person or organisation.

If in the future we have a forum or newsletter on cyclecamp you would be able to unsubscribe to these or other interactive features at any time.

We will not contact you by telephone or text unless you request that we do so.

Though we do not currently process any payments on cyclecamp, should we do so in the future we will use a system that is encrypted and secure. Our request for donations to cyclecamp is handled entirely and securely by PayPal and cyclecamp does not process or hold any of your financial or personal information.


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