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The ideas and philosophy behind cyclecamp

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The cyclecamp philosophy

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We’ve thought a lot about what makes the best campsite for cycle camping and how they have to fit together into a network. Here we say more about how cyclecamp works. At cyclecamp we believe in:

  • small, simple, quiet sites tucked away in the countryside. We avoid the razzmatazz of big campsites and try to find ones where birdsong is the loudest noise!
  • a network of campsites that makes sure you are never more than 15 miles from the nearest campsite.
  • basic facilities including a shower and a toilet unlike caravan and motor home owners, cycle campers don’t come equipped with their own showers and toilets. So these must always be provided on a cyclecamp campsite.

It isn’t easy finding sites that have the basic facilities yet retain their rural peace and charm - but at cyclecamp that’s exactly what we set out to do. We avoid the campsites without any facilities at all and choose the ones that combine basic simple facilities with pleasant surroundings.

Cyclecamp gets you there.

The cyclecamp campsite pages are specially designed to make sure you can find the campsite you have chosen. Each campsite is given a unique cyclecamp reference number and the listing has full details of address, telephone number and postcode. You can click straight on to a Google map. If a campsite has an email address or website we list those too. You can access all this from home on your PC but you may be able to find cyclecamp on your mobile phone as well. .

And we go further! Cyclecamp asks campsites to:

  • put aside a separate area without cars for cycle campers
  • have somewhere to put your bicycle overnight
  • stock some basic food supplies such as bread and milk
  • offer to recharge the batteries for your lights and mobile phone.
  • have a fair price for one or two people, bicycles and a small tent and not charge the pitch rate for a car and large tent.

While not every cyclecamp campsite has these extra facilities yet, we list them where they are available.

Cycle campers need a site within reach

The nicest campsite in the world is no use if it is too far away. And because cycle campers do lower daily mileages than other cyclists because of the extra weight they carry, cyclecamp makes sure that there is a site within daily reach of the slowest cyclist. This also helps a fast cyclist who has had a mechanical problem or just wants to linger longer over their afternoon tea! So the furthest distance between cyclecamp campsites is around 20 miles. .

Gap filler campsites

To keep to this target means that we cannot always find the perfect campsite and we plug the gap with other sites. These are known as gap fillers on the cyclecamp network and are indicated under the site entries. Being a gap filler doesn't mean that it is a bad campsite - it is just that it may be a bit bigger or more commercial than we would like. At the very least it will have all the basic facilities and may even have a lot more - just a bit less peace and quiet!

Getting to a cyclecamp campsite.

We leave it to you to decide how you want to cycle: you might be on the national cycle network for example, on quiet B roads or along canal towpaths. However we will try and mention under the listing for each campsite if it is particularly suitable for a well known cycling route.

Meeting up with other cycle campers.

The best thing about a cyclecamp campsite is that, because it is on a selected network used by other cycle campers, you may well meet up with other cycle campers and find yourself sharing stories, offering advice and even solving a mechanical problem together! .

Friendly owners

Cycle campers already have a good reputation - after a long day in the saddle all you want to do is get your head down! But because cyclecamp keeps in touch where possible with campsite owners, they will be more aware than most of your needs. .

We don’t own the campsites!

Cyclecamp selects the campsites but doesn't own them. Nor does it have a commercial relationship with the owners - we just select the ones that are best for cycle campers and that fit the network. This means that we are not responsible for the campsite and you must take up any problems with the owner.

So click on Find a Campsite and get planning your trip now!


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