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So how much does cycle camping actually cost?

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Cycle camping is generally very cheap - one of the least expensive holidays you can take (even with a family) and certainly the best value for money - and getting started doesn’t mean having to buy the fanciest bike!

You don’t need to spend a lot on cycle camping equipment. Here’s a rough budget:

Bike: a better than adequate one, new, would cost about £300.00 or even less second hand (some of the most expensive bikes are the least suitable for lugging your load down a muddy path!).

Tent: a better than adequate one would be new £90.00 new but many cheaper ones are fine too.

Sleeping bag: a very good one would cost about £70.00 and see you through the autumn and spring as well.

Camping stove: £20.00 or less for various models, including a mini Trangia.

Most of the things you need you will already have if you cycle

Cooking set (billy can, plate, mug): about £10.00 but more for stainless steel.

Sleeping mat: £30.00 for a basic self- inflating mat.

Panniers: £60.00 but up to about £100.00 for waterproof ones.

Pannier rack: a more than adequate one for £25.00

Most of the rest of the things you need you will already have if you cycle - a waterproof jacket, some bike lights, a small toolkit and a spare inner tube. The other clothing you need can range from £15.00 for a pair of Lycra bike shorts to zilch for the old pair of shorts you already have in the wardrobe!

Once you set off, you will be staying at campsites and can reckon on a maximum of £10.00 per person per night and usually much less. You can cook for yourself (which is the cheapest) or you can eat out depending on your budget.

So putting all that together, you could beg, borrow or buy all your equipment including a bike for less than £500.00 and you will use it all again and again.

Your daily budget on tour can be kept down to about £20.00 per person for campsites and food. Not bad eh? Throw in a train ticket to start your tour and you could get started for about £300.00 for your stuff and £140.00 plus train fares for a week’s holiday.

Later on you could buy a better bike and a warmer sleeping bag. You may even prefer a trailer for your gear. But these things won’t guarantee you more fun, just make you a more dedicated cycle camper! Better still, you can start planning your cycle camping trip now and gradually get it all together - birthdays and Christmas are great times to get that next piece of kit!

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