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What to do when it rains

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Yes, it can be tough cycle camping in the rain, but good technique will get you through the wet and damp and onto the next bit of sunshine and dry weather! Here are ten top tips for coping in the rain when you’re cycle camping for staying dry and happy!

Rain doesn’t last for ever! It rarely rains all day, every day on a trip

Tip 1. Set up your tent “flysheet first”: practise how to do this in the garden - some tents will allow you to do it either way but experiment with your own tent.

Tip 2. Have a separate plastic bag for your wet flysheet and guy ropes.

Tip 3. Keep your night time clothes 100% dry in a waterproof bag - you will appreciate it later!

Tip 4. Take a book and a good light - you may be spending the evening inside your tent!

Tip 5. Wait a bit before putting up your tent: look at the sky - is it brightening up? Rain doesn’t last for ever! It rarely rains all day, every day on a trip (though it can do!)

. Tip 6. Stop during the day to take advantage of dry spells - an hour will dry out your fly sheet. Strap pieces of clothing onto your panniers if the sun comes out.

Tip 7. In summer, allow your legs to get wet! Wearing shorts is fine - Lycra is best. Your legs soon get used to the weather.

Tip 8. You could cover your bike at night with an old shower curtain or your saddle with a plastic bag or even shower cap. But generally your bike will be OK in the rain for your trip.

Tip 9. Be meticulous about not getting into your tent in wet clothing - take your rain jacket off first!

Tip 10. Be very methodical. You really can stay dry, warm, comfortable and happy - if you work at it!

And remember: you don’t have to sit in a soggy tent all day when you're cycle camping - you will be out on the road, finding cafes, visiting bookshops and generally drying out!

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