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Why cycle camp?

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You want to wake up each day somewhere new and watch the sun rise over hills you’ve never seen before.

They’re going to ask you, aren’t they - why are you going off with just a tent on a bike to faraway places where you’ve never been before? Here are some of the answers!

You want to head off into the big wide world with your stuff on a bike. You want to make yourself a new home of your own every night, snuggle down and hear the owls hoot.

You want to wake up each day somewhere new and watch the sun rise over hills you’ve only seen on maps. You want to take in the fresh morning air before the rest of the world wakes up.

You want to follow a road to old villages where you are the stranger in town. And you know you will find the best pub in the world because you’re thirsty, hungry and tired. You want to feel the ache of having cycled more miles than most people can even think about. You want to cycle camp.

You want to smell the air: on a bike you are in the fresh air - no stuffy car interiors for you. You want to feel the temperature change from day to night. You want to be on your bike, in the rain; you want to breathe in the tang of the sun on mist; you want to feel the wind on your cheeks and in your hair.

As dawn breaks you want to feel the cold dew on your tent and tread on silver cobwebs in the grass. You want to plough through the mist in the early morning and feel the chill on your legs. And at the end of a long summer’s day you want to bask in the glow of the setting sun and feel its heat on your muscles. You know there is nothing quite like cycle camping.

You want to camp somewhere new every night. You want to aim for something new every day and wake up to a new horizon every morning. You want to come home feeling that you have had a true adventure. Even round where you live is new and different when you cycle through it. And your friends will envy you... so let’s get cycle camping now!

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