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Could they do it?

Cyclecamp Blogpost 011

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Look around at your friends and family, people you know, at work or down the street. And think: could they travel to some exotic far-flung country - let’s say Morocco or Thailand?

Well yes. Travel today is familiar and straightforward: you book a flight, find a hotel on the internet (or a package) and go. You take a taxi from the airport, check in to your air-conditioned room and go for a drink in the hotel bar.

Now let’s ask a different question: could any of them travel just twenty miles down the road on a bike and camp for the night on a simple campsite in the middle of nowhere? Hear the owls, make a cup of tea on a stove and feel the dewy grass under their feet in the morning? Could they pack up their stuff back on the bike and get back home under their own steam?

Maybe a few could, perhaps just one or two. The fact is that most people can now travel all over the world on a package holiday. But far fewer people than ever get can cope with travelling simply and sustainably in their own country. And even fewer would actually look forward to the physical challenge of taking what they need on their own bike.

But this is changing – and it’s changing with you! You’re thinking about it, you care about the planet and you know there's more to life than being cooped up in a motorcar. Here at cyclecamp we passionately believe that you’ll be leading the way: you’ll be showing that we humans need a challenge and that how we travel has to change.

And the country that you'll see from the saddle of your bike or from the door of your tent is the most exotic country on earth! Go for it!

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