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Floods, storms and oil

Cyclecamp Blogpost 006

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It's a few years now since the storms and overflowing rivers of January 2014 caused mayhem around the country and brought global warming back to the forefront again.

Hopefully people are now thinking a bit more about how they use oil and gas (one of the biggest energy users is transport). But how many people are still planning to go by car or on an aeroplane this year for their holidays? A lot.

But across the UK (and across the wider world) there are people who do question their use of energy: they’ve formed a network called the transition towns network ("transition" means the time when the world goes from using oil as though there was no tomorrow to thinking wisely about we can reduce our use of fossil fuels and travel a little more lightly upon the earth.

But the transition towns movement has got another trick up its sleeve: they encourage people to set up small enterprises that respect the environment and give people a proper livelihood, one where they don’t feel their work destroys the world around them.

And who are those closest to the very land they seek to protect? Small farmers and campsite owners! Camping is a mainly seasonal activity: farmers and smallholdings offer camping as a way to supplement their earnings from growing crops or raising animals.

Cyclecamp offers them something more: instead of encouraging people to pack a large car with tons of equipment that they don’t really need, cyclecamp says: just take your bike and some simple gear; leave the gas-guzzler at home.

So it’s win-win for cyclists, the small farmers and everyone else. The transition network folk will be delighted as well: small environmentally friendly enterprises joining up with environmentally friendly transport. It couldn’t be much better.

And if you know any small landholder that would like to set up a campsite for cycle campers feel free to put them in touch with us here at cyclecamp!

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