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The Tea Room blog
Travellers’ tales, far horizons, stunning scenery, mysterious castles: exploring the wonders of the world on your bike, dreaming of the past in your tent.
Get carried away from the grease and sweat of your bike to the glorious world of travel and adventure. In this blog we’ll be exploring some of the best travel writing and travel writers and what inspired them and where they went.
So if you’re in your armchair or happily snuggled in your sleeping bag then we’ll begin! The great thing about cycle camping is that you can follow the great travellers in their own footsteps. For the modern traveller it’s too easy: you get on the plane and you arrive at your air-conditioned hotel.
The cycle camper knows no such luxuries but sets off (very often from their own front door) on their fully loaded bike. The wind is in their face and the miles are in their legs.
Most of the best travel writers endured some kind of hardship. Maybe that’s what produced the best stories. Long distance cycling camping (cycle touring with a tent) has stimulated a plethora of blogs and books - it looks like cycle camping has put the spirit back into travelling and travel writing - have bike, will write!
Although people travel adventurously today, here on the cyclecamp Tea Room blog we’re starting right back in the eighteenth century with Daniel Defoe. Why? Because everyone knows him as the author of Robinson Crusoe (and that’s a travel book and a half!) but also because he set out to explore his own country.
That’s something you can do with a bike and a tent and it’s how you really connect with the world. Knowing your own country first is the key to understanding another. Cyclecamp offers a network of specially selected campsites around Britain. But that doesn’t mean we don’t think or dream of more distant shores.
So settle down, pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate and read on!
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