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Does your day start with the whiff of coffee over your camping stove? And is there always that moment in the afternoon when you look for the perfect tea shop?  
At the end of a long day’s cycling there's nothing better than a good book and a mug of hot chocolate while you’re snuggled up in your sleeping bag. In the winter months you can make that an armchair and a warm fire!
So relax in the cyclecamp Tea Room - a place to put your feet up, listen to travellers’ tales and dream  about your journeys. So, pour yourself a delicious cup of tea and read the Tea Room Blog - you deserve it!

The Tea Room Blog



Welcome to the Tea Room Blog

Get carried away from the grease and sweat of your bike to the glorious world of travel and adventure. In this blog we’ll be exploring some of the best travel writing and travel writers and what inspired them and where they went.
So if you’re in your armchair or happily snuggled in your sleeping bag then we’ll begin! The great thing about cycle camping is that you can follow the great travellers in their

Just who does look after all those old castles?

Some people say that the best thing about cycling around England is the history. You can cycle from village to village and town to town and see an endless procession of thatched cottages, magpie Tudor houses, elegant Georgian terraces and grand Victorian railway stations. And if you need a drink, there are plenty of old coaching inns, Victorian pubs and roadside taverns in which to quench your thirst. Most of these